Our Background

8 Acres rapidly evolved from a simple vehicle that offered healthcare organisations and individuals with immediate & pragmatic business consultancy into a conglomerate structure providing investment, mentoring, leadership and support across a broad business environment.

Our Core Drivers

No matter the challenge our core drivers for delivering successful outcomes are quite simply really.


  • - Support expansion & growth
  • - Maximise potential
  • - Realise value, in all its forms
  • - Transform & Innovate
  • - Propagate ideas, skill & talent


Our Ethos

8 Acres firmly believes that business is business. However, the way you conduct yourself in business is vital…

When 8 Acres Group was being incorporated we decided to set the ethos very early on, culture is the most important element of any functioning organisation. Prior experiences and gut instinct were telling us to do things differently.

We had the luxuries of boldness, freedom and a truly blank canvass on which to create a unique organisational culture.

Whether our people or our partners, our relationships are two-way contracts, we will stand up and be counted and we expect the same in return. One thing we make no attempt to do is remove the hard work, if that is what someone is after, it’s probably best they work elsewhere.

We do not take the responsibility of employing people lightly. We put every effort into providing a nurturing, productive environment, personalised with clear expectations.

In the early days, once it was recognised what 8 Acres was doing and how we were doing it, like-minded individuals soon wanted in. Those that joined brought ambition, drive and original thought with them.

In fact this led to some of the Groups early profitable investments. Proof of concept doesn’t come any better than that!

We always enter into something for the right reason, logic will get you to the right answer. You won’t always like it but you just need to understand it


  • - Be authentic
  • - Recognise humility as a strength
  • - Dignity & Grace is not an American sitcom
  • - Listen to both the head and heart and be fearless in your self-critique
  • - Work the problem, apply logic
  • - Welcome the free lessons
  • - Always start with a yes
  • - Leave it better than you found it
  • - Explain yourself then you won’t have to explain yourself
  • - Don’t confuse consequence over cause
  • - Understand the impact, incremental change to change the world
  • - Business is business
  • - Say thank you